Tulip Poplar ( Liriodendron tulipifera )

The Tulip Poplar is a fast growing fabulous shade tree that grows up to 6 feet per year and turns bright yellow in the fall when the leaves change.   It is a very hardy deciduous (loses its leaves each winter) shade tree that is not susceptable to disease.  Once mature (10-20 years) it will produce tulip like flowers each spring to early summer.   The tree also has very uniques large lobed leaves that resemble a tulip, or perhaps even a helping hand.   Whatever the leaves remind you of, they are very large (6-10 inches)  and offer excellent cover or shade.    The wood of the Tulip Poplar is of exceptional quality and is becoming more and more common as a source of furniture making and quality building.

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Tulip Popular
   The unique leaves of the Tulip Poplar  are 4-10 inches long and wide.


Tulip Poplar
 The Large Leaves Fan Out and provide excellent shade.

Tulip Poplar
 Your Tulip Poplar will be 18 to 24 inches tall.

Tulip Poplar
  Tulip Poplar Seedling in North Carolina.

Tulip Poplar
  Tulip Poplar in the Fall


Tulip Poplar


Tulip Poplar

 Flower of the Tulip Poplar


Tulip Poplar

  Example of one of the Tulip Poplars being sold. 


  The following is the information sheet you will receive with your Tulip Poplar.

Tulip Poplar Info Sheet