Sago Palm - Male

Sago Palms add elegance and sophistication to your lawn and landscape.    They can be a centerpiece for your front lawn, and/or they can be used to add character and distinction throughout your landscape.     These plants are the oldest living plants on earth.   They were present on earth during pre-historic times.    Today,  they grow in USDA Hardiness zones Zone 8-10 and are cold tolerant down to 15 F.     They are grown as far north as South Carolina and as far south as Key West.   The Sago Palm you will receive will be 12 inches tall and over 1 yr old.

Sago Palms are actually Cycads and are not true palms.   They are more closely related to Pine Trees than to Palm Trees.     Sagos come in Male and Female plants.   The plant you are buying is the Male Plant.   These plants will form "pups" at their base which can be removed and then planted as a new Sago Palm.    If you have a female Sago Palm, the Male will fertilize the Female and Sago Palm seeds will be formed in the female plant.   Female plants are somewhat rare and are occasionally available at our nursery.  Visit us at

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Mature Sago Palm
    Mature Sago Palm


Sago Ready to be Shipped
  This is One of the Sago Palms that is ready to be sold.   Your Sago will be similar to this.  Approx 12 inches Tall.

This is a sample of your Ordered Sago Palm
 Another Sago ready to be shipped to you.   Shipped in a wrapped moist root ball
in peat moss soil mix, minus the pot.


Another Sample of Your Ordered Sago Palm
  More Sago Palms growing in a raised bed.

Sago Palm in a Raised Bed
  Top view of the young Sago Palm.


Sago Palm About to Flush Out a New Set of Leaves

This Sago Palm is preparing to "Flush" out a new set of leaves.


 Male Sago Palm ready to pollinate a Female Sago Palm

 Once a Year, the Male Sago Palm will produce a pollination cone.   Structure resembles a pine cone.


Sago Palms grow well in containers also

  Sago Palms grow well in containers also.  This will allow you to grow Sago Palms in the North Country.

Container Sago Palm


Tall Sago Palm

With semi-annual pruning and fertilizing, the trunk of a Sago Palm can grow to 5-15 feet.  Simply cut off the bottom layer of leaves twice a year.  Fertilize right before a leaf flush.   Epsom Salts also help to keep the leaves dark green.

Female Sago Palm
  Female Sago Palm


  The following is the information sheet you will receive with your sago palm.


Sago Palm Information Sheet