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This is the Trial Version of the Software.
Upon purchase, it will be unlocked and you
will have all of the following features.

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Nursery Management Software Features
Unlimited Number of Plants to Store
Multiple Marketing Formats for Sales
Multiple Labeling Formats.  Accomodates Poor Man's Laminating and Icon Pricing Boxes
EBay and Craigslist Pages Made Automatically
Integrate Mapquest into Pages with Screen Capture Utility.  Includes many editing features also
Cut and Paste from the Web Directly into Nursery Management Database
UpLoad and Download to Picture Share and Information Library
One Time $60.00 Purchase Fee Includes Lifetime Membership to Library Uploading and Downloading
Many Plant Care Tracking features for each plant.   Keep complete records and logs for ALL Plants
Store ALL your favorite Fertilizer, Tonic and Organic Pesticide Recipes and have them at your Finger Tips
Store Videos and Assign them to Individual Plants
Streamlined Collection and Storage of Plant Information and Use of this Information in ALL Marketing and Labeling Projects